Vol. 2 No. 4 August 2017 

Title: Youth Ganging and Gang membership: Characteristics of formation in gang culture and what sustains them on the urban Sri Lanka
Author: Wijewardhana BVN

Title: Primary teachers’ understanding of science and its impact on student learning
Author: P.R.K.A. Vitharana1

Title: Design of Self Tuning PID Controller Using Fuzzy Logic for DC Motor Speed
Author: Dr. Ala Eldin Abdallah Awouda and Musaab Hassan Mergani

Title: Development and evaluation of health care management system for premature infants
Author: Yu-Wen Fanga1 , Mei-Hua Wangb, Rose Su-Jung Linc

Title: The relationships between job stress, benefit satisfaction and job performance outcome in Taiwanese manufacturing employees
Author: Chun-Yu Chena, Yu-Wen Fangb1